When will you get over your Taylor hate obsession? The likes on your twitter about her beautiful cover is absolutely disgusting the fact that you think it’s ok to compare “assault” to a cover of a song is sickening. You had a Taylor blog for years and it’s all cuz you got unhealthy obsessed with tayvin ship that made you go off the rails. Oh and btw your winky faces are so creepy! go worry about your child instead of being hateful like stan twitter. The writer Philip Bailey loved it so grow up

Do you know what I find HYSTERICAL? Like as in laugh out loud hysterical? I have 46K likes on Twitter. I use twitter likes as a way to sort of bookmark things. Since yesterday, I probably have AT LEAST A HUNDRED OR MORE likes of subjects ranging from Donald Trump’s idiocy in ordering military strikes in Syria, his hypocrisy in only taking 11 Syrian refugees and then pretending to be concerned about the Syrian people, about Trump’s “fixer” attorney Michael Cohen being caught by Bob Mueller as having lied about going to Prauge in 2016, about Trump trying to discredit Jim Comey and his freak outs,  about how my boy Calvin’s song with Dua Lipa has spent a WEEK at the top of the Worldwide iTunes charts….

And do you know how many likes I have involving Taylor’s cover song? TWO.  One of which was because it referenced a skit that Chadwick Boseman did as T’Challa on SNL and it was fucking hilarious. The other of which because it WAS FUNNY. I didn’t even listen to Taylor’s cover. Because you know why? I don’t pay attention to her. I don’t like her. I’ve listened to exactly 2 songs on her album in total. I don’t care. I don’t pay attention to her, I don’t pay attention to the Swiftie fanbase and I haven’t for a very long time. 

Its beyond sad, beyond pathetic, that you, presumably a Swiftie, would stalk my twitter likes in the last 24 hours and out of well over a hundred likes, pick out TWO and then COME HERE to my tumblr page and send me a ridiculous ask about it. You’re insane, pathetic, and a stalker. Its been almost TWO YEARS since I’ve liked Toxic Swamp (see, I can do childish names too)….You give a bad name to your fanbase. Go and pay attention to your girl’s chart position and try to help her songs chart, because they seem to need it. 

Are you friends with Meg? Because that cuckoo bird is the only one that knows and has sent her pals to send me asks about my child. Keep the fact of my child or anything referencing him out of your filthy, certifiably insane fucking mouth you fucking twat.