This post doesn’t apply to everyone but I’m getting fed up so here’s a request.

Please, for the love of all that is good in God’s holy kingdom, stop sending Calvin’s fans on Instagram messages about how Calvin and Aarika are dating. Yeah, we been knew. We see the paparazzi photos and likes and story posts and whatnot as well. But we don’t care. Oh, they’re apparently in a serious relationship and are living together? GOOD FOR THEM! Doesn’t mean you gotta be the messenger and tell everyone and their mama! So please, stop, or at least don’t bring it over to Instagram, because we don’t function like that. Oh, and please don’t call my friends rude or stupid for making harmless jokes like “Calvin and Dua are my parents”. Not everything has to be taken seriously. Again, not directed at everyone, but we’re getting sick of it. 

Now I know someone’s gonna get triggered over this, so send me rude messages about how I’m an idiot, I triple dog dare you!